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April 07, 2010

2010 Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report Available Tomorrow

 The second annual Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report, a joint project of Nten, Common Knowledge and ThePort, will be available for download on Thu, 4/8/10.  If you’re attending this week’s Nonprofit Technology Conference, plan on attending a presentation on the report results Fri 4/9/10 at 1:30 PM EST.

The report is based on an online survey which ran from Feb. 3, 2010 to Mar. 15, 2010, drawing responses from over a thousand respondents from nonprofit organizations of all sizes and types, covers issues such as:

  •  How do nonprofits utilize both commercial (Facebook, Twitter etc.) and house (private) social networks, and how has usage changed from last year?
  •  How successful have nonprofits been in fundraising through social networks?
  •  Which departments usually manage social networks?
  •  How much staffing do nonprofits devote to social networks?
  •  What types of organizations have been most successful to date with social networks?

Starting Thursday, download the new report  Some of its findings may surprise you.


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2010 Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report Available .Tomorrow is good day !

it is so inspirational to hear stories that rally individuals to take personal trials and turn them into tribulations for the good of the group/ individual..thx for sharing

Many people are gathering in the cyber world and continue to engage in this strategy, that's why some organizations are relying on nonprofit fundraising software to generate their income and plans in order.

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