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May 12, 2009

New Webinars: Social Networks for Nonprofits

Top 5 Secrets for Fundraising on Social Networks
TODAY Wednesday, 5/13 11:30am PST

Social networks have an alluring newness, and we now know the majority of nonprofits are using them to build communities online. Is your board asking why you're not on Facebook? Did you set up a Twitter account and tweet twice? Are you considering building your own house social network (on your web site)? Wondering how to integrate all of that with your fundraising goals?

Participants will gain up-to date benchmark information from the 2009 Nonprofit Social Network Survey, released on April 27, on who is using social networks, get a clear idea of what's involved in creating your own social network, and obtain several ideas for integrating fundraising into your organization's social networking plans. We'll feature several case studies of organizations using Facebook, house social networks, Twitter and other social media outlets to fundraise. Sign up now. This webinar has updated, actionable content from the Social Networks for Fundraisers webinars we offered in March and April.

Build a Big Brand Online Using Social Networks: Marketing & Communications Strategies
Wednesday, 5/20 11:30am PST

Nonprofit social networks are most often owned by the marketing and communications departments, according to the 2009 Nonprofit Social Network Survey. This survey also indicates that the biggest role for social networks at nonprofits is for marketing the organization.

Wondering how your organization can benefit from social networks? How you might meaningfully integrate social networks and social media into your communications and marketing plans? How you can assemble a large, active, social networking community?

Participants will gain up-to-date benchmark information, and we feature real-life examples from nonprofit case studies. Sign up now.

Social Networks for Health Nonprofits
Wednesday, 5/27 10:30am PST

This session is designed specifically for nonprofit health and healthcare organizations including community and private hospitals and their foundations, and voluntary health agencies.

Specifically designed for fundraising, marketing and communications professionals - Manager, Director, Vice President and C-Level roles - this webinar will help you understand how social networking and social media fit into your work at health sector nonprofits. Sign up now.

Twitter for Nonprofits
Wednesday, 6/3 10:30am PST

Twitter is the fastest growing social media platform in the world. The latest statistics indicate that more than 10 million people are using this service for communication, collaboration, marketing, customer service, advocacy, market research, and fundraising. Can't believe it? Join us for this real world look at Twitter and how it is revolutionizing online communications for commercial and nonprofit groups. Sign up now.

Using real-world case studies drawn from the nonprofit and commercial sectors, we'll answer the following questions:

  • What is Twitter and where did it come from?
  • How big is the Twitter base?
  • How does Twitter work?
  • What are nonprofits and commercial groups using Twitter for?
  • Is Twitter really valuable?
  • Does it really work for online community building, advocacy, and fundraising?
  • What's the future of Twitter?


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